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Daily Pray Times

Fajr: 6:15 am

Sunrise: 7:36 am

Zuhr: 1:08 pm

Asr: 4:07 pm

Maghrib: 6:53 pm

Isha: 7:48 pm

Holy Quran

You can access the online Holy Quran using the AIM web site. Just click at the link below to start reading.

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About AIM

Association of Iranian Muslims (AIM) is a non-political club focusing on religious and cultural activities. Our club’s primary goal is to create a spiritual, religious, and friendly environment for the countless Iranians and Muslims on campus.

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جلسات هفتگی قرآن

به نام خدا جلسات هفتگی قرآن زمینه مناسبی را جهت ارتقاء معنوی و ایجاد روابط دوستانه بین اعضاایجاد می

October 22 @ 7:00 pm

McMaster Student Center, Room 318

Maaref Quran Weekly Sessions

In the name of God Weekly Qur’ān Sessions AIM weekly Qur’ān sessions provide its members with a unique opportunity

October 22 @ 7:00 pm

McMaster Student Center, Room 318

AIM’s Kids Online Gathering

🌸🌹🌸🌹🌷🌼🌻🌹🌸🌷 AIM'S KIDS ONLINE GATHERING Every Sunday at 11 am. Join via the following link: با تشکر AIM

October 31 @ 11:00 am

دور همی آنلاین ویژه کودکان 

🌸🌹🌸🌹🌷🌼🌻🌹🌸🌷 دور همی آنلاین ویژه کودکان هر یکشنبه ساعت ۱۱ صبح از طریق ZOOM کودکان عزیز  می توانند هر

October 31 @ 11:00 am


AIM Kids

AIM is planning to organize religious and Farsi classes for kids aged 3-9. These classes will be held in a nice and friendly environment using novel education methods. More information will be available soon.

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